Friday, 21 July 2017

Contacting angels and spirit wisdom keepers

Many years ago I had heard that Hillary Clinton had, with Jean Houston and others, been channelling and this impressed me. I read Jane Roberts book entitled ‘Seth Speaks’ and I  longed to hear words of wisdom from Spirit sources. I found channelled teachings in other books by those who could hear the voices of angels, ascended masters and advanced spirits who want to help our world to thrive and survive.

 However, there was no channelling training course in London that I could attend. I decided to try to channel alone then I decided to start a home group which I found much easier. After some time, I wrote a booklet for those in the group which then became a distance learning course. Later, I made further additions about the healing arts and divination methods and O Books offered to publish it worldwide.

My channelling work has been an amazing journey and I have met some remarkable people. The spirits that I have channelled have told me about the need for each individual to lead a life of responsibility, maturity, truth, justice, caring, tranquillity and generosity - we have no quality of life here on the earth plane unless these values are practised. My spirit guides have told me that, as the most intelligent life form on this planet, human beings must create a healthy future by reducing pollution of the air, soils and seas and care for the creatures that are powerless to survive without our assistance.
I began a search to learn about the Spirit Realms. Whilst working alone, I received many personal insights and how to live it well but I often felt the need for support and understanding from others who were as keen as I was to record messages that could be transmitted to the world at large.
Within time, I built a group of reliable channelling mediums around me but over time, many wanted to set up their own circle so we could grow into an interlocking circle network. I wrote a booklet to help achieve this, and as time passed, I had enquiries from mediums from abroad who also wanted to know how best to facilitate a channelling circle. The booklet grew into a distance learning course and this has now been published by O Books, the UK’s leading mind, body and spirit publishing house. All this happened with the help of an Ascended Master, Diotima, who came into my life for the purposes of getting the book published internationally.
Orbs seen in photo
 ‘The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups’ is the only book available that explains how to facilitate a circle. It contains information about how to interview applicants and lead a group; it includes an easy relaxation method and it contains a full workshop programme about working with crystals, dowsing, meditations and other elements of good circle-work practise. Upon completion of the final manuscript, an Angelic Messenger, known only as Francis, spoke to me of the sadness felt in the highest spirit realms about our planet and that we must save many species under threat from pollution, climate change, habitat loss, hunting and other man-made problems. I decided to dedicate the royalties from my book to an international charity that protects endangered species from extinction.I chose the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust was founded by the late Gerald Durrell. For more information about the work of this organisation, or to adopt an endangered animal, visit:

I am eager to support the lightworkers circles that are set up with the use of this book so that spirit-based messages can be well transmitted, either through my mbs circle network on through radio broadcasts or through the participants writing their own book or the setting up of a website. Magazines have made enquiries to me and often request to interview those who have used the book to gain either personal insight or access wisdom suitable for the wider world. Article: Wendy Stokes

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