Friday, 27 July 2018

Cornwall - A Visit

St Just Well
Wild moorlands and magnificent coastlines of Cornwall have inspired artists and writers to visit this beautiful rural county but there is further wonder and magic that makes it ideal for channelling energies of angels and ascended masters. 

When hordes of invaders, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Jutes, and others, arrived from the Continent, the indigenous Celtic people were driven to outlying lands, to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Cornwall. In these Celtic places we have traditions handed down the generations by the Druids, famed throughout the ancient world for poetry and storytelling, their love of family ties and their knowledge of the law.

The magic of Cornwall is created by standing stones and cairns, and at its farthest point, Tintagel Castle, Land’s End, we have the reputed birthplace of Arthur, the Once and Future King, who will come again to rule once more and sort out the difficulties in the country of his birth!

The Roseland Peninsula on the south coast is steeped in legends of mermaids seen in the coastal waters and of spectral smugglers who are seen around the cob cottages and the steep, narrow streets that lead down to the ancient fishing village of St Mawes. 

The 13th century church of St Just in Roseland has a story of how Joseph of Arimathea brought Jesus to Britain and landed at this tidal creek to trade in the local tin mines. 

England’s favourite poet and mystic, William Blake, asks the question: “And did those feet in ancient times, walk upon England’s mountains green?” Here he refers to the early Christian legend that the wealthy Joseph of Arimathea was Jesus’ uncle and brought Jesus to these Southern shores of Britain. It is likely that Joseph was a close relative of Jesus because Israelite and Roman law placed an obligation on the nearest male relative to remove the body of any deceased person, and it is recorded in the New Testament that Joseph of Arimathea provided his own tomb for the body of Jesus following the crucifixion. He could have been a merchant who made the journey to the tin mines of Cornwall with his nephew, Jesus. It is known that two thousand years ago, the Phoenicians came from the Middle East via the Mediterranean Sea to purchase metals in Britain, and the historian and traveller, Heroditus, speaks of Cornwall as the ‘Tin Islands’ where Greeks sought high quality mining ores. 

At Tintagel Castle on a dark, wind-swept evening as the sun was dipping into a wild, Atlantic ocean, a sliver of a moon was rising and the following strange message was channelled from a Druid Bard by Janine by automatic writing:
They came in great ships to trade with us
And brought us magic from the East
We had such fame in those great days
We mined the priceless weapon ore
Our fame spread, our wealth increased
We dressed to impress, built, travelled and loved
And carved our name in the mists of time
Our cleverness now is forever lost
We sleep in graves beneath your feet
Do not wait for Arthur’s return
Your country will burn
Merlin sleeps - his wisdom keeps
This message I send, you must attend - or meet your end!

Wendy Stokes is a features writer and author of The Lightworkers Circle Guide - A Workbook for Spiritual Groups. This is the only book available which explains how to facilitate a group for healing, divination and healing.

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