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Legend of the Crystal Skulls

The human skull is one of the most durable substances found in nature and the dome shape is immensely strong, protecting the brain from crushing, injury or damage. It protects the brain, required for intelligent thought and also the sense organs of sight, smell, hearing, taste and also imperative aspects of life, digestion and breathing. The skull is an ambiguous symbol of both death - and its opposite - immortality. Head cults existed throughout the world, most notably amongst the Mayan people of Central America who, many thousands of years ago, decorated real human skulls with gemstones (such as the beautiful turquoise skull in the Mexican Gallery of the British Museum). The native Mayan people wore small decorative carved skulls as ornaments around their neck carved from jadeite, quartz and other gemstones.  

Some of the largest polished jewels in the world have been carved into the shape of skulls. The Celtic people worshiped the head, as did many ancient civilisations, as the head was thought to be holy and sacred. 
There are said to be 13 crystal skulls created by the ancient Mayan civilization. Three are in public museums, two are shown at special events by their private owners, and the other seven are in unknown hands. Modern science cannot effectively date them, however, some say they are 1,000 years old and others claim they were made by Cosmic Elders and are up to 35,000 years old. Doubters say that most of them were made just over a hundred years ago by a European faker of South American antiquities who enjoyed a “skull-duggery” joke on gullible purchasers. It is known, definitely, that, in most cases that have been assessed in recent times, the crystal definitely originates from Central and South America.

The ancient Greeks found transparent rock near Mount Olympus, home of the Gods, and called it “Krustallos” - their word for ice. They thought it was amazing that something as hard and as solid as rock could be as clear and transparent as water! This crystal substance is also known as ‘quartz’ stone and is the most abundant type of rock in the world. There are large mines of quartz in the Alps, Brazil, Madagascar and the US. Due to its special properties, it is used in mobile phones, computers and life saving medical equipment. The stone emits a regular pulse, and this constant vibration is used to maintain accurate time. It is also the vital ingredient of silicon chips and our communication systems could not operate without it.

Modern gem-cutters are astounded that the crystal skulls have been finely modeled and honed without the use of advanced diamond cutting instruments, and, as many have been carved against the grain or axis of the strata of the stone, it is unknown how the artifact did not shatter under the strain of the carving. Some skulls are as large, or even larger, than the human skull, and carved from a single block of quartz stone.

The most widely celebrated is a flawless transparent rock quartz gem that weighs almost 12lbs. It is a masterpiece of stone carving and polishing skill. It was discovered by the British explorer, F. A. “Mike” Mitchell-Hedges, whilst he was excavating a collapsed altar of a Mayan temple in the jungle village of Lubaantum, British Honduras. The item was actually found by his adopted daughter, Anna, on her seventeenth birthday, and was kept in her possession until she died at the age of 100 in 2007. She was told by the Mayan people that the owner of the skull could use it to “will” death and it was known as “The Skull of Doom” due to its malevolent reputation. This skull emits a blue light from its eye sockets. It has a reputation for crashing computers, and is now in the possession of Anna’s partner, Bill Homann. This crystal was used as a logo for Arthur C Clarke’s ‘Mysterious World’ TV series. It comprises of two parts, the upper skull and the separate jawbone. There is a mystery surrounding it because Sotheby’s in London state they sold it to Mr Mitchell-Hodges in 1943 for £400, a princely sum in those days, and it is now estimated to be worth half a million pounds. Anna explained that the stone was lent by her father to secure an unpaid debt and bought back by her father in the auction. The stone brought her dreams of the Amerindian people of two thousand years ago.

Also in private possession is a crystal skull named 'Max'. This belongs to Mrs JoAnn Parks of Texas, USA, and it weighs an amazing 18lbs. This was given to JoAnn by a red hat lama, named Norbu Chen, who was given the crystal by a Guatemalan shaman who found it in a tomb. JoAnn travels around America showing the crystal and she believes it originally came from outer space. Documented crystals include a mysterious opaque, purple quartz crystal skull called the ‘Amethyst’ which is shown at special events by its owner, and a smoky quartz one called ‘ET’, both are in private ownership.

The British Museum has a transparent crystal skull on display in Room 24. This stone is only 6lbs, and is thought to originate from Brazil. It was bought from the New York jeweler, Tiffany for £120 in 1897.

The Musée du Quai Branly in Paris has a crystal skull that is considered to be a twin of the British Museum skull. It weighs about 6lbs and is thought to have been bought by French mercenaries in Mexico in the 1890’s.  

The Smithsonian Crystal Skull is in the Smithsonian Museum, Washington DC, USA and is carved from opaque white quartz. It is greater than life-size and weighs a staggering 31lbs. It was given to the Museum by an anonymous donor in 1992.

The most powerful crystal skulls are thought to have been created by the highly evolved Mayan civilization. Over two thousand years ago this culture was producing highly sophisticated architecture and artwork. Their temples show precise alignments and their astronomical observatories record the immense mathematical complexity the movements not only of the sun, moon and major planets, but also eclipses and transits of distant stars, all to a degree of accuracy beyond our present comprehension. The Mayan people believed they came from this star group and that the transition from the Venus to the Pleiades calendar will facilitate a global awakening.    

Many legends and myths surround these extraordinary artifacts; do they come from Outer Space or were they made by the inhabitants of the legendary Isle of Atlantis? Certainly, the skulls possess a strangely hypnotic power. When white light is shone onto a skull, the crystal splits the light within, creating a prism of rainbow colors.  

Crystal balls are used by clairvoyants for scrying because clear quartz has special properties. As quartz stone emits a regular pulse, it is thought that this resonates in harmony with the Earth itself and with the tissue and cell salts that comprise all life forms on this planet.

Mystic properties of the crystal skulls include that they are a container for divination, healing and communication of channeled knowledge about planetary awareness. They are also said to possess the ability to foretell the evolutionary destiny of humankind. These crystals are also thought to amplify, focus and store Earth energy and to be able to transmit it for astral travel or to connect with super intelligent beings in other dimensions. The most important legend of the ancient Mayan people involves the Crystal Conclave. This legend tells us that the thirteen crystal skulls carved by the ancient Mayan people were impregnated with special frequencies and powers. At a time of great planetary crisis, the thirteen skull shaped stones will be brought together from all quarters of the world. When they come together as one, without separation, they will save the planet from imminent destruction and will reveal the past, present and future.
2014 will be 'The Year of Mastery' because the numbers of 2014 added together make 7, the number which is symbolic of perfection. It is said 2014 will be the year of conscience, truth, equality, compassion, peace, wisdom, insight, justice and other values, and that crystal skulls, symbols of ancient skill and knowledge, lead the way to the realisation that we cannot live without these precious values of intelligence and caring. Article: Wendy Stokes www.wendystokes.co.uk

Wendy Stokes is the author of ‘The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups’. ISBN: 978 1 84694 378 4 Available at all good bookshops and on Amazon. 

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