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The Voice of God

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Moses heard the voice of God speaking to him from a burning bush on Mount Sinai. On this mountain, he also received the ten laws for the wandering Israelites. Tribal diviners, mediums, shamans and medicine women and sibyls have always provided spiritual guidance, healing and leadership for their people by listening to the word of God. 

Today, in the affluent West, we live in post Darwinian and post Freudian times. For the majority, God is dead and churches are closing due to insufficient attenders. Religion is guilty of causing wars throughout history and Spirituality is considered to be flimsy and fashionable; for so many in our materialistic society, ethics, morals, standards and boundaries are nothing more than an encumbrance. 

Into this appalling climate of despair, new research into Quantum Physics demonstrates that Newtonian physics only relates to earthly laws, and that universal laws are so astounding and so remarkable - that they are unbelievable - yet true. A God of intelligent design is on the horizon!

Two organizations, from separate continents, that specialize in spiritual healing recently hosted a remarkable joint conference in one of the greatest crime and depression capitals of the world (and one where no-one would expect a conference of this kind to take place), that is in London. A delegation of psychiatrists, researchers, mediums and healers were brought together to discuss the ‘unification of science with spirituality’. The meeting was set up by Dr Andrew Powell, who founded the ‘United Kingdom Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group’ at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

So what does the word ‘spirituality’ mean? The spiritual dimension was central to the lives of our ancestors but this ancient wisdom has been lost and defiled. The majority of people only tend to visit the priesthood at life changing times, such as births, marriages and deaths. Spiritual understanding is even more important at times of emotional and mental upheaval, such as when a shocking life event causes mental breakdown. Mental distress not only involves thought disorder, but emotional unbalance and physical stress. A ‘breakdown’ is the most serious event a person can experience throughout their lifetime. However, at precisely this time, professional specialists prescribe psychoactive drug treatment and this can often cause the ill person to be even less able to think and cope with difficult events. Allopathic drugs are based on animal experimentation. These drugs also cause chemical pollution, in addition to having major health side effects (both known and unknown). This is the time when a person is most likely to return to a faith and the majority of those who are paid to care for them decline to acknowledge the importance of faith and spirituality.   

In Brazil, 10,000 centers are staffed by trained volunteers to provide health care that includes mediumship guidance and spiritual healing. We know that giving good attention is reassuring and helps to build confidence. Prayer focuses the mind and clears anxious thoughts, reducing stress hormones. In this second world country where people do not receive funded health care and cannot afford private care, there are philanthropically funded psychiatric hospitals that provide art, music, sport and gardening, along with a good nutritional program. Study times, meditation, prayer and communal activities in a peaceful environment, are also included as part of the recovery program. Spiritual guidance is an important part of the therapy. A person who can regain a functional lifestyle is more likely to achieve mental wellbeing and emotional stability and be able to contribute to their family and society. Those psychiatrically unwell need physical, mental, emotional and spiritual assistance. The Spiritist religion, practiced in Brazil, inspires and motivates these practitioners. The word Spiritism was coined by Allan Kardec, a Frenchman who lived during the nineteenth century. He asked a large group of mediums several questions, for example ‘Why are we here?’ ‘What happens to us when we die?’ ‘Does God exist?’ Kardec codified the mediums’ answers in several catechism type books that are still available and used today.

Research is being carried out in Brazil to ascertain why some mentally ill patients hear voices or see visions and others do not. Also included in this research is how mediums can hear and see spirits, and deliver meaningful and informative messages while mentally ill people cannot. It could be that in the future, mentally ill people who lead dysfunctional and powerless lives will be invited by professionals to make sense of their voices and visions, and contribute to the society in which they live.    

An important part of the Spiritist Doctrine is called ‘Spirit Release’ or ‘de-obsession/disobsession’. This procedure is performed when an earthbound spirit has attached itself to a building a place or a person. By explaining to this spirit that it is trapped and needs to move on its rightful journey, this spirit can be taken towards the light and freed. Spiritists and the therapists at the Spirit Release Foundation both use this method of relieving patients from spirit attachment.  

For those who do not believe in mediumship and the ability to communicate with the spirit world, we are accumulating more evidence each year. The bona-fide religions of Spiritualism in the UK and Spiritism in Brazil bring messages from those who have died and wish to prove that life goes on beyond the grave. Thousands of people who have died on the operating table and show no signs of life, yet report floating to the ceiling and seeing and hearing the hospital staff conversing. They report going through a long tunnel through and meet and speak with loved ones who have died. In addition to these near-death experiences, we also have confirmed detailed memories of those who remember a life previous to this.  

Research into the mysterious pineal gland that sits deep within the structure of the brain is proving fruitful. Rene Descartes called this organ “The Seat of the Soul”. This was long revered in Ireland where Diarmid was said to have a spot in the middle of his forehead. When women saw him, they fell in love with him. In India, it was known as the “third eye”, “like a lotus flower”. Bhima’s daughter, Damayanti, was said to have a birth mark like a beauty spot between her eyebrows which gave her special powers. Yet, as the West adopted an anti-spirituality stance in the early twentieth century, the pineal was said to be a vestigial (dead) organ. Now, we find it is a vital part of the endocrine system which is responsible for sleeping patterns and is used for animal migration and hibernation. It might also be responsible for producing a substance that is necessary for mediumship and spiritual healing.

I was living and working in London in the 1970s and everyone was excited about ‘the New Age’ which was going to dawn as we drew closer to the end of the millennium. We all had high hopes for a world of the future without wars and where we could all live in peace and harmony, as ‘the Age of Aquarius’ suggested we could. When I visited California in the late 1980s, something interesting was happening called ‘channelling’ where mediums made contact with all kinds of elevated spirits, such as angels and ascended masters. In the UK we were very familiar with the teachings of Silver Birch, who lived a physical life on Earth as a Native American. This spirit made contact with an accomplished writer and medium, Maurice Barbanell, and hundreds of channelled books were the result. I was especially impressed by an American medium, Jane Roberts, who channelled a spirit named Seth. Many of these messages were recorded and transcribed into books. A school has been founded to transmit Seth’s teachings. It was all very exciting!
Back in London, there was no centre where I could learn the art of channelling. I was so enthusiastic that I started on my own, learning the hard way by trial and error. Within time, I realised it was much easier to accomplish good messages with help of other people, so I started a home group and invited others to join me. I found many who came to the group had skills that they quickly passed to me, so I grew in confidence and ability. Several of the mediums in my group wanted to start their own circle, so I wrote a small manual. This was very popular until people were asking me to send them a copy and so it became a distance learning course. Many people used the book to set up their own psychic channelling circles and then my book was picked up and published under the title ‘The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups’.  
In recent years, the list of difficulties on a personal, societal and planetary level causes many people consider the meaning of life and how, and if, they can contribute to making the world a better place.
Can Spirit provide us with answers to today’s problems? Yes, because seekers have tried working with modern day spiritual masters and have not been guided properly, so now they are channelling high level spirit guides to request direction. Channelling provides spirit-inspired messages from angels, ascended masters and wisdom keepers from the spirit realms. Lightworking, spiritual guidance, planetary ascension and a development of conscious awareness is needed now more than ever.   
Recent polls show that people who support a charity or who do voluntary work are happier and healthier than others who do not. Of course, if we want to live in a caring and considerate society, we must practise caring qualities. Finding a spiritual path leads to fulfilment, especially where we can share with others of similar values and channelling helps us to contact the spirits that will work closely with us and provide life path guidance.

We are not alone with our problems. Spirit teachers are waiting patiently for us to make contact so they can transmit to us the messages that will help in every way. Channelling is the way in which these spirit teachers distribute their messages for personal growth, societal change and planetary welfare.


Finding Your Spiritual Path

There is a smorgasbord of spiritual paths available to choose from. How do we decide which will be the most worthwhile? Do all spiritual teachers have feet of clay? For many, being told what to believe and what to do is not appealing. In today’s world, intelligent people seek an experience where they can learn something of benefit to themselves and others, where they can share with others and where they can make a difference! One way to do this is to speak to Spirit and listen for advice and guidance.

I had read about channelling and wanted to also speak to Spirit and record the messages I received, but working alone was very difficult for me. I needed others, for motivation, as a sounding board, and also to help deliver the amazing messages I received. From the founding of my first group, I wrote a small booklet about my experiences of setting up the circle. A friend moved to Spain and wanted to set up a psychic circle there, so I expanded the booklet into a distance learning course.


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