Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Spirit of Isis Healing Centre

Spirit of Isis Spiritual Centre has re opened as Teaching Therapies Holistic Centre and is under new ownership. 

Our most recent session covered a shamanic healing using the drum to assist with journeying to the spirit realms. (Wendy studied Mongolian shamanism which does not accept the use of drugs). Previously the meditation session included identifying daily activities which are found to be healing; such as communication with others, enjoyment of our pets and of nature, our senses, music, colour, the security of our home, our ability to read, and many other aspects of ordinary life which can be taken for granted. After this, we entered a deep trance meditation for healing of mind, body and spirit which was followed by a full chakra cleansing and healing session. Previous sessions include contemplation, concentration and meditation tasters and the difference between these similar mind-states and what can be gained from each.   

Wendy's Healing and Meditation course runs monthly on Mondays at Spirit of Isis Holistic Centre in Sun Street, Waltham Abbey from 11am - 1pm. The cost is £7. Just turn up but please do not arrive late. For more information, telephone: 01992 651 045

My Angel Workshop at Spirit of Isis included angels which have been appreciated by people for thousands of years. The Assyrians had winged creatures that guarded their temples, the Zoroastrians recognized many types of angels, from archangels to guardian angels. In ancient Egypt, angels were at the pinnacle of religious worship; Isis herself is represented as a winged deity.

During our angel workshop, we discovered whether we were mainly clairaudient, clairvoyant or clairsentient, and most of our group of eight women had a mixture of all three mediumship abilities, some more pronounced than others. We used three decks of angel cards to reveal messages concerning our health and our spiritual path. I brought beads and we threaded them into a nine bead 'angel rosary' to design our own angel mantra which will remind us of the nine ranks of angels and how they can assist us in our life with their strength, knowledge and love.

I told the group a Kabbalistic Creation story that explains how evil arrived into the world and that there are bad as well as good angels and that we have a choice which path we follow. Each person received a name for their own personal guardian angel. To complete the workshop, the group of eight members was split into two, leading each person to meet with an archangel, to be able to ask a question and to receive a channelled answer. 
11.11.11. Workshop: The month of November is traditionally known as ‘Holy Month’. St Martin’s Feast occurs on 11th November and is a festival in honour of the Earth’s bountiful harvest and goose and wine are consumed as a thanksgiving. In many countries, it is a light ceremony with bonfires and the lighting of candles. The energy is similar to the hands of a clock which register a minute to twelve, the last moment in time.

Saint Martin was a soldier but was peaceful and kind and became a monk. He is famous for cutting his cloak in half to give some warmth to a beggar who was dying of the cold. The beggar was Jesus in disguise. The wisdom of Martin’s story is that when we give to someone, we never know who we are caring for, and how we could be rewarded by our generous actions.

In ancient times, it was said that the earth was formed in darkness before the light was bestowed; the year began in the depth of winter, and the day began the previous evening. Martinmas Eve begins at dusk on 10th November, and 2011 is a very special year because as darkness falls, a full moon lights the night sky (at 8.16pm). This is an auspicious sign of great protection.

Eleven is a master number. It allows us a portal to channel the wisdom of universal and ascended masters for our own needs and the needs of our society and our world. Eleven (such as the eleventh house) is related to friendships and community, and we will use this energy to gather wisdom and kindness and support the energy offered by this day.

Following tradition, after Martinmas, we have 40 days of Advent, a time of fasting in preparation for the feast which celebrates the birth of Jesus who taught us to love, heal and care for one another.

Wendy is a qualified counsellor and conducts healing and intuitive counselling at Spirit of Isis. Telephone Spirit of Isis to book your session with Wendy.  

If you would like to find out if you are clairvoyant or clairaudient, use this link to the youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42nb-ExLZKs&feature=youtu.be

For healing, view this youtube video:

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