Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Isis Hymn - Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

Healing youtube video from The Lightworkers Circle Guide

'Egyptian Goddess Power' workshop at Spirit of Isis, Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1EE Saturday 6th April 10.30am-4.30pm -This day will be one of adventure, empowerment, sharing and learning facilitated by Wendy Stokes. No experience is necessary. You will learn of the 5 great Goddesses of Ancient Egypt: Isis, Hathor, Nut, Ma’at and Sekhmet. Each Goddess has a special power, and you will discover how each of the Goddesses has influenced your life events and also provided you with support. You will also learn how you can draw on ancient energies for future healing, inspiration and strength.

Isis was the most powerful Goddess of Ancient Egypt. She was the Goddess of healing, compassion and equality. For thousands of years, she was known throughout Egypt and her fame spread to Greece, Rome and Europe, including the UK where remains of a 2000 year old Isis temple have been found in London. Cost £50

The workshop took place at 10.30am (doors opened at 10am) and finished at 4.30pm with 30 mins for lunch at 1pm.   www.spiritofisis-healing.co.uk/

HYMN TO ISIS: Silver-footed One, come to me with quiet steps - in the temple of my heart, lift up Thy voice, and call my name that I may know Thee and rejoice in Thy presence. In my sadness, comfort me, in my happiness, share with me. At my birth, Thou wast there, at my death, wait for me. Most glorious of woman, most tender of mothers, I am Thy Handmaiden, bless me. Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

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