Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Strange Case of Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy

Synchronicity - as described by the psychologist, Carl Jung, is a 'meaningful' coincidence! The word 'synchronicity' could be used to describe the amazing similarities between two US Presidents; Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy:

Lincoln was elected to the US Congress in 1846 and was then elected as President in 1860.

John F Kennedy was elected to the US Congress in 1946 and was then elected as President in 1960, both elections of Kennedy were exactly a century later that Lincoln.  

Both men were named after their grandfather, both were second children. Both served in the military, both captained boats, both were lawyers, and both involved with controversial human rights issues. 
Both have seven letters in their surname and both were six feet tall. Lincoln is thought to have suffered from Marfan’s Disease and Kennedy suffered from Addison’s Disease, both are genetically inherited diseases.   

Both Presidents suffered the death of a child while they were resident in the White House. 

Lincoln was shot while sitting in Box No 7 at Ford’s Theatre and Kennedy was shot while in Car 7 in the Dallas motorcade. 
Kennedy was shot whilst travelling in a Ford Lincoln car. 
Both Presidents were shot in the back of the head on a Friday with their wives beside them. Both wives were 24 years old at the time. 
Lincoln was shot just before the Easter holiday and Kennedy just before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Both were assassinated by Southerners in their 20s who were themselves shot before they came to trial. 
Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth and Kennedy by Lee Harvey Oswald. Both assassins have 15 letters in their name.

Both Presidents were succeeded by Southerners named Johnson. Lincoln was succeeded by Andrew Johnson, born in 1808, and Kennedy by Lyndon B Johnson, born exactly 100 years later in 1908. 
I think these remarkable similarities of creativity and fate could be described as synchronicity, something 'meaningful' which must be more than chance or co-incidence! 

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