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Soul Rescue - Spirit Release - Exorcism book extract

Soul rescue is conducted in most Spiritualist and mediumship groups, usually on a regular basis. Not all earthbound spirits move quickly into the light. Some need help crossing over. There is a threshold area between this world and the next. It is a transition area sometimes described as a tunnel, a bridge, a doorway, a stairway, for instance. When a spirit is unaware that they are in the spirit realms or unable to let go of an attachment to the physical world, they attach themselves and live vicariously through their host, often soul rescue is necessary. Many of these lost or disorientated spirits are confused. They have often had a shock and returned to Spirit very quickly, without any preparation. Victims of traumatic violence, such as murder, accidents, or war victims, commonly need rescue, as do children, elderly people who are distressed, mentally ill people, or those who did not want to leave the physical world due to unfulfilled plans.

Most countries of the world have tales of helpful deities, angels or spirit guides who provide safe passage to the deceased person’s spirit, leading it safely into the spirit realms. Funerary art from many thousands of years ago depict the 'psychopomp' who escorts the dead to the netherworlds. Sometimes, animals, such as dogs, deer, birds, horses, expressly perform the task of escorting lost souls to the heavenly realms. The art of the Egyptians, Greeks and Tibetans show their knowledge in this field; the Cathars were also very knowlegeable. The Shakers (an offshoot of the Quaker faith) also performed this function.
Perhaps the most famous proponent of spirit rescue is the ministry of Air Marshall Hugh Dowding, later Lord Dowding of Bentley Priory and 'Knight of the Grand Cross of the Order of Bath' (titles awarded to him for his work as Brigadier General of the RAF during the Battle of Britain in the early days of WWI). Dowding was a very spiritual man. When his first wife, Clarice, passed from earthly life, he attended a Spiritualist circle and received messages from her. He was obviusly a medium. Then, one ordinary day, he returned home to find a young airman, sleeping in his armchair. When the lad awoke, he explained to Dowding that he had been shot down and had no idea where he was. During the course of their conversation, Dowding realized this young fighter pilot had died and was ‘earthbound’ and needed help to find his way to the spirit realms where there would be great celebration at his homecoming. Over the course of many years, Dowding helped numerous airmen over the threshold. His deceased wife, Clarice, helped by leading them by the hand into the spirit realms. Even when Dowding remarried (a marriage instigated on the advice of the bride’s previous Royal Air Force husband, recently returned to Spirit) Clarice still performed the ancient duty of psychopomp.

I have known a spirit who was afraid to enter the spirit realms because she did not wish to meet the parents who were unkind to her. I asked my guide (and Clarice, as she has a great deal of experience and this is her chosen work) to show her the way until she found someone whom she knew and who would kindly care for her. I have also known a spirit who was angry and expressed how they had never hurt anyone and they were only a month away from their wedding when they were caught up in a terrorist attack and traumatically injured and died of their wounds. Two family members were also killed in this explosion and these three huddled together, shaking with fear and covered in blood and in the severest shock and distress. She, as the oldest of the siblings, was trying to comfort the younger ones and this situation had continued in this limbo like state for almost twenty of our earth years. She told us that she could not rest until justice was achieved. Upon speaking to her at length, we discovered that no justice would be sufficient for her to forgive those who performed this horrendous act. After much prayer, she eventually understood that she and her sisters were due some peace as they had grieved sufficiently for the loss of their lives. We had the highest admiration for her courage and conviction, her determination and intelligence. We were able to contact therapists and hospital doctors in the healing realms to care for all three, and we returned to visit them and check on their progress. They all did well and she is now working to help others who return to Spirit as a result of war.
Spirit rescue should be conducted only if your group is harmonious, experienced and stable. It should begin, as always, with prayer for specific assistance. Relaxation should follow. A scan the physical realms for lost or trapped spirits who are not at rest or able to move on is then conducted. If a member of the group discovers someone they think is ‘earthbound’ they should speak to them psychically and find as much information as possible.

Sometimes, it is possible to see the spirit, hear the spirit, or imbibe knowledge about the spirit. When ready, the group is told something about it, a name if possible, dates, difficulties and especially the reason for their discomfort. Other members can pray, they might know a specialist guide (such as a guide they have worked with before, Clarice or Hermes for instance) who can help lead this spirit into its intended place. When the reason is revealed, a member can provide emotional support, understanding, reasoning, and other comforts to aid the spirit to accept that they are no longer in the physical world and need to move towards the light, towards healing and then further duties in the spirit realms.
Some spirits are very reluctant to go over the threshold but always, we here, in the physical world, must devote our patience and consideration to understanding their problems and their confusion, and for the plight they find themselves in. We are to coach the spirit towards the light, towards beauty and peace and the support of loving spirits. Other circle members should join in meditation by visualizing this spirit becoming released from their earthbound entrapment. At the end of the session, thank the spirits who have assisted, and this spirit, for accepting help from the group. Notes should be kept about each spirit’s journey.
Lost or damaged spirits are known to roam the spirit realms until directed home to the light, to healing and to sanctuary. It is the role of each rescue circle to help them achieve realization of their position and how they can be at rest. Some of these spirits, having wandered the spirit realms, decide to attach themselves to a living person and vicariously live through a physical body.

This is one of the most serious and troublesome spiritual problems that can occur. Jesus was known to cast out these ‘devils’ and the Roman Catholic Church retain an exorcist in every parish. It is common in many countries to recognize this phenomenon but few know how to deal with it properly. The American psychiatrist, Dr Carl Wickland, and his wife were exponents. They experimented with many hundreds of cases early in the 20th century. Casualties were common in their work! However, the days of confronting, challenging and removing attached spirits are over. We now know these spirit attachments can be organisms, splinters of spirit entities, toxic or dark matter from the spirit realms. Some are so alien that they do not recognize human beings. If they are forcibly removed, they can fly out and into the nearest person with a weak or inattentive spirit guide.
If someone believes they are possessed or distressed by a spirit outside of their own, they need to give as much information as they can to the group. At a secret time and location not known to this person, and after prayer for spirit release, remote scanning of the person needs to take place. The offending entity, organism or spirit needs to be identified, described, named if possible, healed and gently shown where others like itself congregate. At a later time, the 'possessed' person should be invited into the circle to have their aura cleaned and their spirit guides made stronger with the help of the circle’s overseeing spirit. This whole procedure is usually now called ‘spirit release’. There is specific training required to work directly with a person who has a possessing spirit and release should never be conducted alone.

This just leads me to mention our soul’s purpose. Jesus was asked about a disabled person and whether he had committed an evil deed in a previous life and was therefore being punished with his disability. In Hindu and Buddhist reincarnational terms, this implies the Law of Karma, where good deeds are rewarded and bad deeds punished in subsequent lives. Jesus was against this hypothesis which was probably devised to surreptitiously excuse the practice of Brahmins who ignored the needs of the poor and Untouchables. Jesus himself was murdered on a cross and was not punished for evil action in any previous life because he was a pure soul. His death was the ancient concept of ‘ritual sacrifice’. People with disabilities, in poverty or need, perform a spiritual sacrifice that allows the opportunity for our soul to progress to a higher level by being compassionate and empathic towards those in greatest need in this life. 

The Roman Catholic Church believes we come into this life as a baby and that our soul is black with all kinds of evil inclinations and that we must spend our whole life compensating for these weaknesses. Personally, I believe everyone comes into this life with a wholesome, healthy and intelligent spirit. We are given many duties to perform throughout life. There is no free will in this, they are spiritual responsibilities. However, many do not wish to perform good deeds and are harmful and destructive instead, to themselves, to others and to the planet. This selfishness inhibits their own spiritual progress, and ignores the needs of those whose lives are devoted exclusively to providing us with the opportunity do something worthwhile and achieve spiritual progress. Read more: http://wendystokesuk.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/exorcism.html

Extract from The Lightworkers Circle Guide - A Workbook for Spiritual Groups www.wendystokes.co.uk

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