Saturday, 10 June 2017

Postive Thinking carried too far!

I was meeting an old friend, Cathy, at an outdoor music festival on a bright summer’s day and she had brought her friend, Jenny, along. Whilst admiring the plants and the items made from natural woods on the stalls, I soon realised that Jenny was an amateur psycho-analyst (yawn, yawn) a matter I often find disconcerting when conducted by someone with no qualifications in the art-form. She also wanted to test her astrology skills on me and we launched into a guessing game and eventually she picked the right element for the constellation that was on the horizon during the month of my birth. Within a few minutes of discussion, Jenny was telling me I was thinking negative thoughts and must be positive because I said I thought it might rain. “Negative! Negative!” she aggressively uttered, “You’ll make it rain!” “How can I make it rain?” I asked, “By thinking of it!” she exclaimed. We hadn’t had any rain for some time and the ground was very parched, I think the plants needed a good downpour, so I continued to think about rain, much to Jenny’s rancour. After an afternoon of Jenny, I felt tired, judged and far from positive. 

Though positive thinking is useful - in general, a good servant as such, as a sole means of thought, I think it is a bad master. We need reality in our lives or we will pay the cost of our illusions and self-deceptions. 

I asked another friend for their opinion about the art of positive thinking and his opinion was similar to mine but he had no experience of the New Age and was a very balanced, worldly wise and intelligent person whose opinion I valued. Of course, we wish our children to not know the sad, bad and mad things that will present themselves in time, but as adults we must be aware that life is not as we wish it to be and we must come to terms with this and fight to make changes where we feel they are needed. Otherwise, we are not being responsible adults who are accountable for our world. The omissions of our life will be carried by the next generations. 

Whilst delivering a talk recently to promote my book, I mentioned the word ‘evil’ and was surprised by the reaction of some members of my audience. As I completed the talk, I was challenged. “There is no such thing as evil, it is only the absence of light” I was told. I explained that when we deny that something exists, the denial does not make it go away, it just makes it more difficult to talk about it, and take action to redress. The man was adamant and quite angry that I had brought up the topic that can only throw light on a difficult to analyse subject. I went on to say that spiritual people, who believe in the Afterlife, should adhere to spiritual principles during life in the physical world and should perform good deeds and how can we know what ‘good’ is if we do not know its opposite, ie what is bad. I was told in no uncertain terms that I should not use the word ‘should’ and also that I should not judge people for their actions because they might have had a bad upbringing. However, I did explain that many people who have had a disastrous upbringing do not always resort to destructive, wilful, self-indulgent or harmful acts at very inappropriate times.

My perspective on the New Age of Aquarius is that it has lost its parameters and is not questioning the difference between right and wrong. It suits many outspoken people, some prominent, to suggest that we should not judge someone on account of their actions but this is very disempowering and flies in the face of many thousands of years of intensive spiritual thought. What do you think the word ‘spiritual’ means and how should we express this value in our lives in order to avoid being called a ‘fraud. Article by Racine

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