Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Atlantis Spiritual Centre Divination Workshop

Lynn Saunders, owner of the Atlantis Spiritual Centre in Crews Hill hosted a day of divination facilitated by Wendy Stokes. This well-equipped centre has excellent free parking and I just a five minute walk from Crews Hill station. The group room is comfortable for a small number of attenders or for a larger group, perhaps a maximum of twenty or more and both cushions and chairs are available. The workshop began at 10am as we got together in twos to clarify the question that we would ask the Spirit of Divination to answer during the day. Answers very much depend upon the question asked. For those who wanted their question to remain private, they could speak about how they felt about the question as sometimes, we dare not ask the question we most need to ask due to anxiety about the possible answer, so the day started off with a challenge, for the members to be real and true to themselves, to take a risk and trust. The question was written down and placed under a candle devoted to the archangel Michael. 

During the day we used scrying mirrors, cards, crystal balls, pendulums and other means to receive an answer. Many members of the group kindly brought items that worked for them and shared these with others. We had a wonderful variety of divination tools: an obsidian (black volcanic glass) mirror; modern mirrors made by local gypsies; glass, quartz and magical scrying balls, many cards of all kinds to add ideas, suggestions and possibilities to the answers we might receive. As the date coincided with the feast of Michael and All Angels, we included a short ritual honouring Michael as the lord of inspiration and enlightenment and all angels and asked them to bless our questions and provide guidance for answers. The questions were placed in a ‘wish’ box or ‘wisdom’ box (both titles suggested by the group. At the end of the day, the questions were removed and burnt. Many of the group felt they had received pertinent and valuable answers to their question.

To book workshops at Atlantis Spiritual Centre, please see their website: www.atlantisspiritualcentre.co.uk Workshop leader, Wendy Stokes: www.wendystokes.co.uk

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