Sunday, 18 June 2017

Spiritual Renaissance

There is a spiritual renaissance taking place within our modern world. If you are a believer in the Afterlife, you are not alone! Millions of people in the world today believe that when our physical body dies that our spirit survives eternally. Thousands of well documented death-bed visions are reported from people who have been resuscitated after clinical death and describe meetings with family and friends in the Afterlife. In the United States and the UK, many hospitals are teaching newly qualified doctors about the importance of spirituality. For instance, Dr Sam Parnia heads ‘Aware’, the world’s largest study into near death experiences. He has found that ten per cent of resuscitated patients report a spiritual experience with life changing consequences. Some scientists, such as the physicist, Klaus Heinemann, are convinced that strange, moving globules of light called spirit orbs (that appear frequently on digital photographs) are spirit entities. International scientists are debating quantum theories that include the possible recognition of spirit worlds.

I personally believe all paranormal events, such as telepathy, movement of objects, orbs and other phenomena, are created by spirits who wish to show their existence, and demonstrate their extraordinary powers to create changes here on the earth plane. Many ordinary, competent people hear voices that guide and inform them; even the great sage, Socrates, was a voice hearer. The word ‘vocation’ means to ‘hear a calling’. Mohammed received a visit from an angel who imparted the knowledge which became the Koran, the holy book of the Muslims. Three Roman Catholic Popes have received spirit visitations, including the late Pope John Paul II and, not surprisingly, many other impressive historical figures, such as Gandhi, heard voices of spirits speaking and giving guidance to him.

Many of the greatest religious and spiritual movements in the world have started, and have developed from, spirit based communication. In ancient times, spiritual awakening was regarded as a highly desirable blessing and shamans, mystics and prophets were considered to be leaders within their communities.The Jewish Testament gives many examples of spirit based phenomena and, in the New Testament, Jesus demonstrated amazing psychic powers and healing gifts.

Sadly, all the major established religions of the world have proved to be divisive and self-serving, and have failed to produce workable solutions to the disasters that are besetting our planet. Most major religions curtail spiritual seekers from finding solutions which contest theology books, and the major faiths all actively oppress anyone who desires to contact spirit wisdom-keepers who can help create a better worldview. Ideologies of ‘Chosen People’, ‘Armageddon’ and ‘Holy War’ do not reflect spiritual truths but human greed. The Godhead, actually, has no religion but does have plans for our planet and we can get together to work with spirit guides and change the future of our world.

Many people want to develop channelling abilities - and elevated spirits wish to help them to accomplish this in order to create a better world. These spirits desire to contact us because they care about us, and they are anxious about our wellbeing and the health of our planet. Those who are truly in contact with genuine spirit masters, angels and other messengers of the Almighty seek peace, security, justice, health and prosperity for the weakest and most vulnerable of our world. The hallmarks of spiritual teaching are basic core values of wisdom, truth, and compassion, the promotion of common welfare, the relief of suffering, and the conservation of the planet’s dwindling resources. Constructive spiritual teaching challenges unhealthy thoughts and self-centred lifestyles that involve addictions, lack of gratitude, lack of moral fibre and lack of regard for the needs of others.

People are searching for knowledge of the spirit realms, and for spiritual experience. They do not want to be told about their spirit guides or about spiritual gifts, but want to experience them first-hand. The benefits of mediumship lie in the personal experience of the heavenly realms to which we are transported when we meet with our spirit guides. When we make contact with Spirit, we become healed. We also become enlightened and our entire life is enhanced. Contact with Spirit is the only truly ecumenical faith. All ages, races, colours, creeds, classes, and those of differing social standing, are invited to access knowledge from spirit guides and come together with true equality within one loving spiritual circle. Within a circle you can contact spirit guides to gain personal information about who you are, and how you can get the best from your life here. You can also meditate with others and share your intuitions and insights. The spiritual guidance gained from your spirit advisors will help you to learn how to manage your life better. If you so wish, you can contact named spirits who can deliver imperative messages for the world today.

The best was to channel is in a circle. Where there is desire to explore and an openness to receive healing and insight, our abilities will flourish and spiritual awakenings will occur. Psychic abilities being lost but can be refreshed with the use of exercises and meditations. Like-minded individuals can meet together to access spirit wisdom and then deliver it to the world at large through the art of channelling. The congregation of all members gathered together will create an infinitely growing number of circles (like a pattern of interlacing circles – a living mandala!) Where there is harmony, there is understanding, and the geometric shape of the circle produces a circular dance that reflects the larger dance of the cosmos. The circle is the perfect shape for raising spiritual energy. It is a container, and, like the Eastern ‘chakra’ system of the spirit body, it creates, draws on, and moves universal energy. Within this container, spirit guides offer spiritual awakening. Only two or more trusted friends are needed for your first circle to take place. Each member can then create a new group with new members for more workshops and greater learning, creating circles interlinked with other circles, joining lightworkers together around the globe. The potential is limitless. The spiritual progress of each member will have an influence on our world, which is so greatly in need of spiritual perspectives and values. These circles will be powerful and influential and can contribute towards creating many beneficial changes for our present and future world.

Participation in a group offers support, feedback, discussion, access to sharing and learning. Each person is an individual with strengths, values and their own difficulties too, but a person with no university degree might be highly intuitive or have considerable experience of life so everyone should be appreciated. Spiritual understanding involves examining our judgements and making sure that everyone is treated equally without prejudice. Helping people to become confident, knowledgeable, communicative and articulate and to pass on their skills is part of spiritual development.

Growth is a natural and organic process, and a beginning point is needed for our development. A group, like a family, college or work group, will evolve from its original set formula. Every group and every meeting will be unique, powerful and exciting, and will differ markedly from any other. Each member will develop their own individual talents and there is always room for differing opinions and perspectives. Changes are inevitable and are to be regarded as learning experiences. Every member of the group will be both student and teacher. This dynamic creates a working climate that changes as each member lends their individuality to the whole. Every member can have exciting discoveries and can feel greater contact with their own soul process, which can transform and enrich their own life, and that of others. If someone is motivated to change their circumstances, think in greater depth, and learn more about spiritual growth, they will find life infinitely more satisfying and will be inspired to make the world a better place.  Article by Wendy Stokes

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