Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Legend of the Crystal Skulls

The human skull is one of the most durable substances found in nature and the dome shape is immensely strong, protecting the brain from crushing, injury or damage. It protects the brain, required for intelligent thought and also the sense organs of sight, smell, hearing, taste and also imperative aspects of life, digestion and breathing. The skull is an ambiguous symbol of both death - and its opposite - immortality. Head cults existed throughout the world, most notably amongst the Mayan people of Central America who, many thousands of years ago, decorated real human skulls with gemstones (such as the beautiful turquoise skull in the Mexican Gallery of the British Museum). The native Mayan people wore small decorative carved skulls as ornaments around their neck carved from jadeite, quartz and other gemstones.  

Spirit of Isis Healing Centre

Spirit of Isis Spiritual Centre has re opened as Teaching Therapies Holistic Centre and is under new ownership. 

Our most recent session covered a shamanic healing using the drum to assist with journeying to the spirit realms. (Wendy studied Mongolian shamanism which does not accept the use of drugs). Previously the meditation session included identifying daily activities which are found to be healing; such as communication with others, enjoyment of our pets and of nature, our senses, music, colour, the security of our home, our ability to read, and many other aspects of ordinary life which can be taken for granted. After this, we entered a deep trance meditation for healing of mind, body and spirit which was followed by a full chakra cleansing and healing session. Previous sessions include contemplation, concentration and meditation tasters and the difference between these similar mind-states and what can be gained from each.   

Wendy's Healing and Meditation course runs monthly on Mondays at Spirit of Isis Holistic Centre in Sun Street, Waltham Abbey from 11am - 1pm. The cost is £7. Just turn up but please do not arrive late. For more information, telephone: 01992 651 045

Clearly Destiny Holistic Centre London

  • To find out if you are clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient or clairalient, watch this youtube video
  • Clearly Destiny, 12 Woburn Walk, Central London, 
    WC1 OJC 
    Tel: 020 7387  0358
    or email: clearlydestiny@gmail.com 

    Wendy Stokes has hosted workshops at Clearly Destiny, a friendly, holistic centre in London's heartland. The centre has a therapy room, a group room and the shop has a stock of wonderful items, candles, statues, cards, books, etc. 

    A healing youtube meditation from The Lightworkers Circle Guide: 
    A Workbook for Spiritual Groups by Wendy Stokes

Isis Hymn - Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki

Healing youtube video from The Lightworkers Circle Guide

'Egyptian Goddess Power' workshop at Spirit of Isis, Sun Street, Waltham Abbey, EN9 1EE Saturday 6th April 10.30am-4.30pm -This day will be one of adventure, empowerment, sharing and learning facilitated by Wendy Stokes. No experience is necessary. You will learn of the 5 great Goddesses of Ancient Egypt: Isis, Hathor, Nut, Ma’at and Sekhmet. Each Goddess has a special power, and you will discover how each of the Goddesses has influenced your life events and also provided you with support. You will also learn how you can draw on ancient energies for future healing, inspiration and strength.

Atlantis Spiritual Centre Divination Workshop

Lynn Saunders, owner of the Atlantis Spiritual Centre in Crews Hill hosted a day of divination facilitated by Wendy Stokes. This well-equipped centre has excellent free parking and I just a five minute walk from Crews Hill station. The group room is comfortable for a small number of attenders or for a larger group, perhaps a maximum of twenty or more and both cushions and chairs are available. The workshop began at 10am as we got together in twos to clarify the question that we would ask the Spirit of Divination to answer during the day. Answers very much depend upon the question asked. For those who wanted their question to remain private, they could speak about how they felt about the question as sometimes, we dare not ask the question we most need to ask due to anxiety about the possible answer, so the day started off with a challenge, for the members to be real and true to themselves, to take a risk and trust. The question was written down and placed under a candle devoted to the archangel Michael. 

Soul Rescue - Spirit Release - Exorcism book extract

Soul rescue is conducted in most Spiritualist and mediumship groups, usually on a regular basis. Not all earthbound spirits move quickly into the light. Some need help crossing over. There is a threshold area between this world and the next. It is a transition area sometimes described as a tunnel, a bridge, a doorway, a stairway, for instance. When a spirit is unaware that they are in the spirit realms or unable to let go of an attachment to the physical world, they attach themselves and live vicariously through their host, often soul rescue is necessary. Many of these lost or disorientated spirits are confused. They have often had a shock and returned to Spirit very quickly, without any preparation. Victims of traumatic violence, such as murder, accidents, or war victims, commonly need rescue, as do children, elderly people who are distressed, mentally ill people, or those who did not want to leave the physical world due to unfulfilled plans.

Most countries of the world have tales of helpful deities, angels or spirit guides who provide safe passage to the deceased person’s spirit, leading it safely into the spirit realms. Funerary art from many thousands of years ago depict the 'psychopomp' who escorts the dead to the netherworlds. Sometimes, animals, such as dogs, deer, birds, horses, expressly perform the task of escorting lost souls to the heavenly realms. The art of the Egyptians, Greeks and Tibetans show their knowledge in this field; the Cathars were also very knowlegeable. The Shakers (an offshoot of the Quaker faith) also performed this function.

Writing a Film Review

Date of Release:
Principle cast list:
Summary: Accurate description of the story-line. Was it based on a true story, a book or play, is it a remake? etc.
Personal opinion of certificate, duration, genre, acting and setting. Avoid criticism of Director and casting. Give a personal rating.
Provide a picture of the film, a trailer or podcast link if possible. 

Strange Case of Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy

Synchronicity - as described by the psychologist, Carl Jung, is a 'meaningful' coincidence! The word 'synchronicity' could be used to describe the amazing similarities between two US Presidents; Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy:

Lincoln was elected to the US Congress in 1846 and was then elected as President in 1860.

John F Kennedy was elected to the US Congress in 1946 and was then elected as President in 1960, both elections of Kennedy were exactly a century later that Lincoln.  

Both men were named after their grandfather, both were second children. Both served in the military, both captained boats, both were lawyers, and both involved with controversial human rights issues. 
Both have seven letters in their surname and both were six feet tall. Lincoln is thought to have suffered from Marfan’s Disease and Kennedy suffered from Addison’s Disease, both are genetically inherited diseases.