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Spiritual Healing - 3 stories

People who seek spiritual healing do so for a wide variety of reasons, and they can receive many things as a result, not always expected and certainly, a cure cannot be suggested or expected. However, relief, understanding and acceptance are some of the ways in which the seeker can feel better as a result of receiving good attention, caring and stillness from the trained spiritual healer. Here are two case studies that demonstrate that a good response to healing is not dependent on belief in a deity or in the afterlife or even the belief that the healing will work. Two people new to spiritual healing, Gerry, a 42 year old self employed carpenter and Joyce, a 62 year old retired business consultant describe their first experience of spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing is usually conducted by a fully clothed healer and recipient and often the healer will not touch the recipient, or if they do, usually it will be very light touch on the shoulder areas only. The spiritual healer is a medium, receiving and channelling universal energy and caring love usually non verbally, to the recipient over the course of 15 to 30 minutes, sometimes more. Healing can also be sent while the recipient is not in attendance. Called ‘absent’ healing or ‘distant’ healing, this can also be powerfully regenerating. Usually permission is asked before absent healing is sent to a recipient, if the recipient cannot give permission, such as a baby, comatose patient, animal, etc., permission is assumed and healing sent ‘for the highest good’. 

Gerry's story: "My GP referred me for counselling because numerous anti-depressant tablets were not working and my kitchen fitting business was failing and my mortgage was in arrears. I kept going over the ordeal in my head. My 19 year old son was driving his motorbike - with his 17 year old girlfriend on the pillion  - to a music festival and a young car driver pulled out of a side turning. My son died in hospital and his girlfriend became 
disabled for life. I blame myself because I bought him the motorbike for his 18th birthday. I could have taken them in my car to the festival. When the phone rang to tell me they were in hospital I didn't pick it up. I was watching a football match on TV and when I did get to the hospital, he had died and his body looked battered and broken. The driver got only 2 years in prison reduced to one. I feel enraged and speaking about it just makes me angry all over again. I want to kill him! The counsellor's interventions sound like platitudes; nothing will bring my son back. I felt hopeless as though I would never get over this, get back to work and support my family. A woman my mother met at work said she was a healer and would come to the house to see me. I knew nothing about her and have no belief but had nothing to lose. She didn't ask me anything. She just asked me to lie down on the carpet with a cushion under my head. I felt relieved I didn't need to talk about the situation again. I felt relaxed for the first time since the accident. Within a few minutes, I cried for the first time. I felt my son's presence very close to me and I saw his face in my mind's eye. He had a warm smile and a glow about him. He looked so well. He really looked beautiful, young and so beautiful. My heart felt very full of love for him. I can't really explain it. The spiritual healing helped enormously. I really felt a weight of guilt had been removed from my shoulders."

Joyce's story: "I was doing voluntary service overseas in Malaysia when I discovered a lump in my breast. I just thought it was a cyst and I worked out the remainder of my contract which was three months. On my return, I discovered it was a very invasive cancer and I had a lot of chemo and radiotherapy treatment. My family were very critical when I told them I was having spiritual healing. They kept saying it wouldn't help to cure cancer, and I didn't know either whether it would help but I booked three sessions in all. Through each session, I had amazing revelations. I quickly detected just how exhausted I was and how hard I worked whilst at home and abroad. I also realised that my family were quite cross with me for going abroad and had a 'serve you right' attitude which made me deeply sad because I do a great deal for them to show them how much I love them. I also had an amazing vision and realised that, even if I am to die, which I will one day, it is OK. I can cope. This was a very profound feeling and one I have not forgotten."

Leena’s story: Leena lost her job in the recession and needed to sell her home and car and move in with her mother. Leena felt that many years of hard work gaining experience as a florist were all for nothing and she could not find the confidence and commitment to start to retrain at her time in life. She began to get depressed, started to drink alcohol and let herself go. Her mother’s friend came for a visit, saw Leena was looking low and asked if she could provide some spiritual healing. Leena refused because she was a non believer. However, her mother’s friend persevered, asking Leena if she could send ‘absent healing’ from a distance, when she got home that evening. Leena agreed. When her mother’s friend was sending healing later that evening, Lenna began to be tearful and went to her room alone. Leena says, “Suddenly, I burst into tears, thinking of all the good things that I had and now I have no future, but also I thought, ‘hell! I’m not going to let this redundancy stop me from achieving my life’s ambitions. I’m going to go for every job in the city until I get one, and I’ll show them what I can do through hard work and determination!” Leena went to her mother and said, “Hell, Mom, I’m going to get a job if it kills me!” Her mother laughed, knowing the absent healing her friend was sending, even though Leena had forgotten all about giving permission for the healing to be sent!


For spiritual healers, they will recognise the opportunities that healing offers, such as caring attention which allows buried emotions to surface, a quiet time to reflect and to come to terms with difficult situations. There also seems to be something more that is quite indescribable, the power of the healer to channel power from the universe, a deity or a higher power that helps to resolve issues previously unresolved in the lives of those who seek healing.

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