Monday, 21 March 2016

Why Did You Write a Book?

Interview with Wendy Stokes by Paul Salmon: 
Hi Wendy, Why did you write a book? Wendy explains:

I have been a writer for many years, writing for pleasure, to inform, entertain or transmit a message. In 1999, I undertook a two year, full time course in counselling and psychology for which I wrote a hefty 10,000 word dissertation. It was during my college years that I was perplexed because the terminology of psychology and spirituality were so different. Psychology emphasised self-awareness as a vital part of our personal development, but what do we do when we know who we are and have developed skills to get us to where we want to be? Spirituality offered an understanding that our life in the physical world is only temporary and that we need to prepare for a permanent, eternal life in a more real and truer home.

I began a search through many spiritual paths to find what I felt was most relevant and most valuable to me. I travelled to many countries and spoke to teachers who purported to have special understanding of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual disciplines. How could I differentiate between those who had true knowledge and those who were fashionable faddists or self-deluded charlatans? Some offered powerful displays of paranormal activity but paranormal gifts only demonstrate that Spirit exists, but I was a believer in the Afterlife already so was unimpressed. Most wanted money in return for information, but true spiritual wisdom cannot be bought, only accepted, and, though many had great wealth, this also failed to impress me (for instance, when I saw thousands of poverty stricken people looking on as a cavalcade of Rolls Royces sped past them).

In my 20’s, I was very familiar with Spiritualism and understudied as a healer and medium but became fascinated by the emerging channelled information which allowed direct access from Spirit concerning the world of today (the Seth books channelled by Jane Roberts are an example). Sadly, I was unable to find a centre in London that taught channelling, so I set up a small group which became very popular. Some of these members wanted to form their own group for various different purposes, so I self-published a small booklet - which was partially channelled by my spirit guide, Diotima - and this developed into a distant learning course. Just within the past year, O Books have published this worldwide under the title ‘The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups’ and I am now delighted to be able to provide the only book that explains how to start a circle for channelling, healing, divination and spiritual work of all kinds, with tutorials and exercises also provided to create interesting and useful spiritual meetings.

I slowly began to realise that psychology and spirituality are not as distant as I had originally thought. A person who is gentle, calm, considerate, humble and generous; who has empathy, compassion, discipline and a sense of contentment, justice and kindness, is both a balanced human being in psychological terms - and also demonstrates great spiritual maturity and wisdom. This person will want to make the world a better place and will do so every day in every way possible. Traditional values stand the test of time and we can meet great teachers of spirituality every day. They may be a neighbour or family member! I appreciate these people whenever I meet them, knowing that I searched the world yet found profound spiritual truths on my doorstep! I continue to be interested in all things related to spirituality and psychology. I have a dream interpretation consultancy; I am a healer and use my counselling skills alongside my psychic abilities.

It is quite important to me that I use my personal power and abilities for good. I write articles that raise awareness for homeless dogs that are in shelters awaiting adoption and I am an unpaid volunteer for my local RSPCA. Due to all the help I have received, from students and my spirit guide, Diotima, my book cannot be considered entirely my own work so I was guided to raise awareness and support for animals that have very pressing needs because their entire species face extinction due to illegal hunting, habitat loss, climate change and other dangers. What a huge loss it would be to the world if the amazing Aye-Aye of Madagascar (which inspired the film ET) or the great Orang-utan (closest species to the human-being) became extinct! Many other animals, such as the Leopard, are just as endangered. As a child, I enjoyed reading books by the naturalist, Gerald Durrell, and I visited his zoo on the island of Jersey and I praise his outstanding commitment to protect rare species so I was guided to donate my book royalties to the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust that protects endangered species from extinction. The Trust has kindly given me permission to publish some wonderful photos of animals that are part of their protection programme. For further information, please visit:

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