Friday, 14 July 2017

weight loss

We are so often reminded about the need to watch our weight but it is surprising that just one portion too much each day can pile on more than a stone in weight each year – and every year! If we can’t get it off during the summer, most people find the winter a more difficult time because we can hide our fat tummy under a big cardigan during the long, dark nights. Weight gain is exponential: the more weight we have, the less active our life, so the more weight we gain. This puts a strain on joints, increases our risk of fatty liver, heart disease and strokes, and is now said to increase our dementia risk also.

I recently attended a group hypnosis course at Teaching Therapies Holistic Centre (TTHC) in Sun Street, Waltham Abbey which has an amply group room of an ideal size for several people to lie down. The session began with a talk. On the drawing board was a large triangle. The very top part represented our conscious mind, and the far larger bottom area represented the unconscious mind, similar to an ice berg. It represents our conscious mind where we have all the things we tell ourselves about, such as how it is OK to eat lots of sugars and fats in pastries, sauces, confectionery, sweet drinks, fatty meats and other undesirable foods. In the hidden unconsious part, we have all the pain and distress which causes us to overeat, and our eating patterns and triggers that we may have inherited or may have had for many years. 
It is easy to forget the importance of liquids in our day and we often want to eat something when all we really require is a drink. Carrying a small bottle of water is a wonderful means of quick and easy re-hydration when we feel our mental and physical energy sagging. Each member had different issues with food but most felt that food cravings reflected an addiction to comfort eating. Underlying this is usually confidence and self esteem issues, so dealing with these are a priority. We were introduced to a mnemoic SMART which stands for specific; measurable; agreed upon; realistic and time based. This is how we were to map our weight loss programme, working out these elements for ourselves. We were provided with a notebook to write down our thoughts and feelings and to keep a log of our food triggers and eating patterns and how and when we struggle or make progress. 
From Teaching Therapies Holistic Centre Article, by Wendy Stokes 


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