Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Spiritual Healing

If someone wishes to receive spiritual healing, the healer must, by law, suggest that, if they had not done so already, get a qualified doctor’s opinion to provide a diagnosis and treatment. The words ‘hallowed’, ‘holistic’, ‘whole’ and ‘health’ are all connected to the word ‘healing’. Spiritual healing delivers loving energy in order to help to restore equilibrium the body, emotions, mind and spirit. Healers give good quality attention, recognition, acknowledgement, compassion, support, consideration, kindness, patience and understanding. These qualities are the secrets of the healing arts. Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual complaints, trivial, hereditary and terminal disorders are some of the conditions treated by spiritual healers. Whatever the cause, healing spirits know every heart-ache and discomfort and are ready to deliver Soothing directly to the place of greatest need. 

Relaxation is an important ingredient for health and healing, as when we relax, beneficial hormones are released within the body. In our affluent Western World, many people seek psychological healing from psychotherapists who pore over childhood situations with agonizing repetitiveness. This recreates, and ingrains in the memory, the time of distress, leaving the seeker feeling powerless and perhaps alienating family members who did have not have the ability to cope. Spiritual healing does not require any personal disclosure or a re-living of past pain or blame. It only requires a willingness to be open to receiving spiritual energy. 

Universal (the word ‘uni’ means ‘one’ and ‘verse’ means ‘song’) Energy is transmitted to the recipient through loving kindness and good attention. Healing takes place when the universal energy radiates through the healer’s body and into the body of the seeker. If anyone self-harms, or is harming, or threatening to harm another person, they should be offered healing from a group, not one person alone. If this situation remains unresolved after spirit-based healing is given by a group, the following method may be tried. This dysfunctional person should speak or write to their principal spirit guides requesting insights into any necessary life changes that need to take place. If this method fails to end the inflicting of harm, the person should be encouraged to banish the destructive spirit entities that are seeking expression through them. 

Harry Edwards discovered he had the gift of healing and set up the Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary at a magnificent 30 acre site, Burrowslea in Shere, near Guildford in the beautiful Surrey countryside. The Sanctuary is a registered charity and makes no charge for distant, contact or non-contact healing. It was said by those that knew Harry that he worked closely with two particular spirit guides, Lord Lister and Dr Louis Pasteur. 

If anyone requires healing, their name can be placed in the Book of Dedication on the Sanctuary table. Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary suggests joining with them at 10am and 10pm GMT each day and sending healing and strength to those who are in need anywhere in the world. You may join them with this prayer, written by Harry Edwards during his life: 
‘May I be thankful for all the blessings I have already received. Grant me relief from pain and sickness, protect me from all ills and grant me good health in the days to come. Remove all causes of imperfection and bring your healing ministers close to me that I may be conscious of their presence and so receive guidance and inspiration. Grant me courage and fortitude to overcome all adversity. Let me be conscious of your strength in all times of need. Grant me confidence to overcome my fears and not to anticipate harm. Teach me how to live rightly in your sight, to do only that which is right and true. I pray that good guidance and right influencing will inspire all your peoples to be as brothers, one to the other, and that peace shall endure for all time. Amen.’


To find out if you are clairaudient or clairvoyant, follow the link to the youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42nb-ExLZKs&feature=youtu.be

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