Sunday, 9 July 2017

Channelling - An Ancient Art

Channelling is an immensely ancient ability that was used by prophets, sibyls, shamans and wisdom keepers of many of our earliest civilisations.

The process involves not only speaking to Spirit but also listening for a reply. However, there are many types from different realms, including negative and destructive ones, so it is important to contact a spirit that has something constructive to impart either personally or for our society or world. In the past, due to the need to identify and avoid low level spirits, the personality of the deity and the value system of the deity became defined, such as whether they were kind, peaceful and generous - or whimsical, mean and punishing. On a visit to Mount Sinai/Horeb, Moses channelled the 10 Commandments similarly other Old Testament prophets communed with the deity to gain wisdom also. 

The Delphic Oracle channelled the spirit of Apollo to deliver her message of wisdom and understanding to those who travelled considerable distances to seek guidance. Socrates heard the voice of his ‘daemon’ or guardian spirit who warned him of approaching danger.
In 1847, the poorly educated Andrew Jackson Davis from Poughkeepsie, New York State, channelled the physician and philosopher, Galen, and the visionary, Swedenborg, for messages of the Afterlife. Jackson-Davis, a forerunner of the sleeping prophet, Edgar Cayce, could also diagnose and treat illnesses. He wrote over 30 books. In our time, channelling is increasing in popularity as a means to contact teachers of wisdom and understanding who have an important message to impart from the spirit world  to our physical world.
During the late 1970s, Jane Roberts channelled the Seth Material, which included a large number of books with messages from the spirit. Seth, which made contact with Jane while she was using a Ouija board to research extra sensory perception. Jack Pursel channelled Lazaris, a being from beyond the Mental and Causal Planes and J Z Knight channelled messages from Ramtha, a 30,000 year old entity from Atlantis. There are many kinds of specialised spirit that provide messages for our world, including angels, ascended masters, alien entities, even those from the future who can communicate their messages.
Astrologers and forward thinkers are concerned about wars, energy crises, civil unrest, pollution and other upheavals and many want to channel elevated spirits who have, like the prophets of old, received direct instruction, warning and advice. Though many channellers work alone, trance mediumship is something that is best conducted in a group setting.
‘The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups’ was written by Wendy Stokes because there are very few centres of excellence in the UK that offer training in channelling and provide information about setting up a group and making the best use of channelled messages. Wendy wishes to support those who work with her book to create their own channelling group and publish their messages on a blog, newsletter or ebook.
A spirit that supported the author during the writing of the book and informed her about the creation of our astounding universe, the miracle of life from innate chemical substances and the immense intelligence of the natural world that maintains the delicate balance of our planet. Due to this, she has donated her royalties to an international charity that protects endangered species from extinction, the Durrrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.

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