Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to write a press release

A press release informs the media of news that you would like to be published, such as an interview, a feature story, book launch, a radio broadcast, a new service, workshop or course.

Keep the headline brief and informative.
Write the information factually and with minimum embellishments. Avoid hyperbole and tautology. Keep sentences short and punchy.
Write the press release in a way where the editor can copy and paste into their publication without the need to edit.

Answer the 6 questions: Who? What? Where? How? When? Why?

Add your contact details for more information.

How to write a book review

A book reviewer's agenda has one aim - to help a purchaser to choose the best book for their requirements.

Every publication has standard presentation information which includes:

Author’s name
Published by:
Paperback price: Kindle price: 

The number of pages:
Author’s website:

How to Write a Card Deck Review

Whether a tarot or divination deck, a review is intended to enable a prospective purchaser to choose the best deck for their requirements. 

Some information is standard in all card reviews: 
the number of cards
whether they are alone or have textual information (and what is that information? If a book is included with the deck, a book review is required also)
the names of those who designed/created the deck - artwork and textual information and some background about them
whether it is a standard tarot deck or has anomalies, such as an unusual size or the cards placed in an unusual sequence or whether extra cards have been added?
a description of the card backs, whether they are reversible or irreversible
the publisher or author website
ISBN number