Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Wendy's February Post Bag Q & A

Dear Wendy: Is there an angel for the month of February, I would like to know this as my dear friend Sally is going to be in hospital for surgery during this month. Cally B

Dear Cally: Barachiel is the Angel of Compassion and Patience and the colour of the gown that this angel wears is pale blue. This angel will give you the understanding that your friend needs during her hospital stay and for her recovery from surgery, which will take time. She might feel impatient and want to do more than is good for her, but you can advise and guide her. You can also help her as there are things that she should not be doing at this time, which you can do for her. The Angel Barachiel is the angel for February, a time of year when the weather is cold and the nights are dark and who creates a stillness and rest period, when we can love and look after our energies before the bursting back to life and activity. in springtime. Mehriel is also an angel for February and this angel supports those who study and those who work with new ideas and their imagination. If you are wanting to study or research this year or develop new ideas, now is the time to do this.

Dear Wendy: I am interested in having a spiritual celebration this month for a few friends and would like to know what you suggest. KK

Dear KK: I suggest you celebrate either of these which fall on the first or second day of February. They are best held after dark. The first of February is a celebration to Brigid, the fire goddess of the Celtic peoples and the date is known as Oimelc (a word for sheep’s milk). From Roman times, a group of women kept a flame alive for the entire town. In fact, women kept a flame alive in the convents of Kildare in Ireland until the time of Henry VIII and they have recently revived this very ancient tradition. This is usually a celebration exclusively for women. Ask your guests to wear the colours of fire, light candles, eat bread with eye’s milk cheese. and sit in a circle to tell of life experiences of love and kindness.

The second of February is a Christian day called ‘Candlemass’, a time of lighting candles. The candle is a symbol for the sun, and when we light a candle, we call the sun back to our country, to stimulate growth of plants and to increase our own energy. Men and women can both attend. It is a time of cleansing. The word ‘februare’ means ‘purification’. This festival remembers Jesus as a baby being taken to the temple. Get together in a circle and ask each person to speak about something they have planned for the spring and summer. These festivals fall on a new moon, so, if you can, and the weather is good enough, look up at the sky to see the new moon as this is a time of new beginnings where you can manifest closer relationships with friends and manufest plans for the spring and summer months. www.wendystokes.co.uk

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