Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Dreams and Dreaming

Dreams and Dreaming Part 1: If we live for sixty years, we will have been asleep for twenty as we spend a third of our life in sleep. During this sleep state, we dream for many hours, not just one dream per night! If we experience any kind of problem, we are often advised to ‘sleep on it’ as this is a recognized way of accessing wisdom that not available to us throughout the day.

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Druids, Native Americans and almost every other culture have used dreams for gaining wisdom. Sigmund Freud said the examination of dreams is the “royal road” to self discovery.

Interesting dreams have been recorded throughout all time. Sir Christopher Wren dreamt that a woman gave him dates to eat and when he bought some the next day, it cured him of his crippling colic condition. As a child, Lady Seymour dreamt of nine finches in a nest. When she married the Earl of Winchelsea, whose name was Finch, she had nine children. Before the Coronation of King Edward VII, the Duke of Portland had a dream that the state coach was stuck under Coronation Arch. When measured, the coach was indeed too large. Otto Loewi dreamt he won the Nobel Prize before it was awarded to him. 

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Dream Interpretation

Each night, we have many dreams but we only remember the most important ones! If you would like a dream interpreted on these pages, please describe your dream and send it to us. Your name will not be used as we use only an initial. 

Dear Wendy

I have had a strange dream where I am dancing in circles with a beautiful little girl with a crown of gold on her head.  It is really weird.  Any feedback would be appreciated. P

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Spirit & Destiny Magazine May 2017 issue

Look out for May issue as it has me on the expert panel for The Mystic Helpline!
There is lots more to enjoy. The Hawthorne tree, also know as the May tree is traditionally in blossom this month. If your birthday falls between the "13th May and 9th June, the rare and extraordinary seahorse is your good luck charm.
This month you can choose a card from Barbara Meiklejohn Free's and Flavia Peters oracle card deck of Witches' Wisdom and your affirmation is 'I am filled with hope and my potential to succeed is infinite'. Katie Piper is featured in a three page article about her life and work and she has a book out titled 'Confidence: The Secret of Katie Piper'. Katie sustained a terrible acid attack but her beauty, power and intelligence is more than special!
Lots more on your astrology birth sign, inspirational, health, holidays, Spirit & Destiny is available from all good newsagents, price £3.80