Thursday, 4 May 2017

Questions and Answers

Dear Wendy: I have adopted a dog and want to heal it of a sad past. How do I do that? Jenny
Dear Jenny: Through tender love and kind devotion, consistent boundaries and by being there when the dog needs you. This is the foundation of all healing practice whether for human or animals. Through deep levels of gentle caring, we heal the wounds of loneliness, loss, anxiety and distress. By building a relationship of trust, we give something vital of ourselves that shows we will do all we can for its welfare and wellbeing. Dogs are highly intuitive and are sensitive to our subtle energies. Taking your dog for a walk in a natural setting will create a bond of reciprocal understanding. A beautiful love is dawning for you. 

Dear Wendy: Can you translate this distressing dream for me please? My father is elderly and in poor health. I had a dream that he wanted me to take him to work in my car. We were in the car park and unable to leave due to an exit barrier. Though it was difficult, I lifted the barrier and eventually managed to take him to work, even though it made me late for work myself. Later, I could not find where I had parked the car. KP

Dear KP: This dream expresses your loving devotion towards your father. You have helped him to function and keep independent, even though it has been inconvenient at times. As his dependency increases, it will become more difficult for you to find ways to continue to get somewhere with him. Do not be confused or upset but find some extra assistance for yourself. You might need to put some aspects of your life on hold. This is a decision only you can make.
Meditate on his gratitude for your efforts to ensure his wellbeing and welfare.

Use the affirmation: There is an answer to every problem.

Dear Wendy: Can you provide a reading for me please? I’m taking a gap year from Uni and will be doing voluntary work in Guatemala with a youth organisation. I am a 23 year old Gemini. L