Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Erica Longdon interview

Erica Longdon is an author, multi-disciplinary therapist, healer and metaphysician.
Her toolbox of qualifications contains: massage, reiki mastership, ear candling, psychology, sound healing,  meditation instruction, angel oracle card and tarot reading.
Erica's career began in television and radio in the nineteen seventies and took her all over the world to witness international events and eye-opening scenes behind the headlines. Erica says:  "it taught me to look beyond the obvious and to seek authenticity and to question." During the nineties, a serious car accident jolted her onto a path of personal growth and healing which, ultimately, lead to a release of her media career and embracing a path as a therapist. A major, life changing part of this journey was becoming an Angel Therapy Practitioner after training in Hawaii with Doreen Virtue. 

Erica now works internationally online for as an angelic counsellor and card reader. As part of the 12Family, she also hosts a weekly radio show on, Breakfast With Erica. She published her first metaphysical romance novel, In Pursuit Of Perfect Timing, in 2015, has a new metaphysical mystery novel in mind, and is currently working on a comprehensive non-fiction work on sound healing.
Erica has long been a champion of ecology and sustainability, being a member of Greenpeace from her teenage years, and having celebrated her sixtieth by walking twenty-six miles from Avebury to Stonehenge to raise funds for the new Rainbow Warrior. She supports the Dr. Hadwen Trust for ethic research and having been vegetarian since the seventies, became vegan in the noughties.

Erica says: "a metaphysician is never off duty - it is a way of life" but when I am not officially working, I love to walk in nature and I also play flute with Invicta Jazz Orchestra.

 Twitter:  @angelhandsheal

Erica Longdon is the author of In Pursuit of Perfect Timing
Available on & Kindle.

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