Monday, 9 April 2018

Getting to Know the Goddess Course 1:1

Goddess-Pages online course is practical as well as educational, and has made me think about so many aspects of my life and society in general, as well as put me in touch with antiquity, with womanhood throughout the ages, and about many of the women in my life that have influenced me. I had never thought of ‘Goddess’ as a diminutive word, such as waitress, but She is the original, the first, She was the one and only, and therefore maybe I will attach a prefix such as this when describing Her. 
I have a connection with the Goddess and relate to many of Her archetypes. She is very healing, and when focussing, and meditating on ‘the Lady’ especially in Springtime, as Flora, my meditations are wonderful, and full of images and beauty of all kinds. I love the early archaeological discoveries of the sculptures of the ‘Venus’ types. I am quite tubby, and so I am reflected in these images. I am very concerned about the incredible temples in the Middle East war zones, unexplored, with the ground full of wonders, many, I am sure, would reveal much more about Her. I feel very aggrieved about the archaeological atrocities, despite many being in protected World Heritage sites. (Not to say anything about the animals, and rare species especially,that are badly affected by war, the ecological damage – as well as human suffering beyond our ability to imagine). I am against war, war on people, animals, and the delicate ecology of the planet.

I love living near the forest where I walk my dog each day. Yesterday I saw a muntjack. I love to see the moon low on the horizon, through the trees. I wish I could see it more often. My friend has a home to see the moon rise and set, and the sun rise and set too. Oh How envious I am of this excitement on a daily basis.
I love Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Avebury and many of the standing stones and circles I have visited across the UK and Ireland. I am proud of my Celtic ancestry.
I love my Goddess statues, some bought abroad and some from the British Museum. When female friends come, I will often have a little ceremony to recognise her importance in our life, to restore some of Her influence and power. Today is May Day, Beltane, and I will do for myself a healing ceremony with one of my flowering trees. To stand with my back to the tree, and imagine my consciousness taken through my back and into the trunk of the tree. Stay there to meditate. So steady - eternal a feeling. Nothing to think about, all worries gone. Feeling the sap rising to flower and grow, to provide for the bees and other species. My roots deep and taking up goodness.
I am busy planting and with each plant I honour the earth and what it provides for us and all species, so I respect their habitat, the worms, beetles, spiders, upon which all life depends so delicately in the web of life. 
The poem of Ishtar and Tammuz caused shivers through me.
I have a Carrera marble statue of the Madonna with baby Jesus in her arms in my garden which I bought at great expense many years ago when a beautiful local convent school was demolished. One of the children in the 1950s saw ths Madonna statue move and place the child on the ground which raised its arms to be carried again. The Bishop was called and there was an investigation. No one has seen it move since to my knowledge, including me!
I love the story of Pandora, which is very special to me, but only in some stories does hope remain in the box, and is that a good thing I sometimes wonder!
I am edgy about the chthonic deities, I find them very powerful and I have a dark side to my nature with regards to death which I feel very strongly and was with my mother at her passing. Some meditations don’t work that well for me. I liked the mother meditation provided by the course. ‘I never want to leave you’. The goddess reminds me how extremely beautiful my mother was. A classic beauty! I am too young to ask Her questions. I hear her talk to me and tell me I am perfect and she will never judge or be angry with me. I feel sad for all the things that got in the way between us. I welcome the coming of summer today, Beltane, a good day to start the course. Weather: sunshine mixed with much needed rain. Daffodils have finished, bluebells at their best. Choisia in full bloom. No roses yet. Flora is here! This Getting to Know the Goddess course is supported by Geraldine Charles, who has great knowledge and expertise and takes considerable time and interest in all online students. 

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