Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Distance Healing - Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary

Watch healing youtube video above. 
Harry Edwards was born in Balham, south London, in 1893, and was one of nine children born to his father, who was a printer, and his mother, who was a dressmaker. This was a dedicated Church of England family and at the age of twelve, Harry joined the London Diocese Church Lads' Brigade, and later, as a young man, he trained with his father as a printer until the outbreak of war and in 1914 he enlisted as an engineer in the Royal Sussex Regiment and was promoted to Captain. He served in India and the Middle East

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Free YouTube Healing Meditation

Please do not drive whilst listening to this meditation. Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, relax and imagine.... Meditation presented by Erica Longdon with text by Wendy Stokes

Monday, 19 February 2018

John Birch

Amazonian Rain-forest activist from the UK, John Birch, has developed an interesting method of raising money for charity! One morning whilst visiting Westminster Cathedral in Central London, John sensed the spirit of Jesus surrounding the entire building. Later that day, he attended an Eckhart Tolle seminar and was inspired to become a facilitator of an Eckhart Tolle Local Silent Group in his area of Blackburn, Lancashire

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Native American People

Early History
The native people of America were first called “Red Indians” by Christopher Columbus, when, upon arriving in North America, he thought he was in the East Indies on his way to India! There would have been 1,000 native languages in use at this time. Studies have suggested that people traveled during the ice age, perhaps as long as 30,000 years ago, from Mongolia, over the Bering Straits land bridge into Alaska, and down through the Americas. Shamanic culture that survive in Mongolia are thought to be similar to the native American shamanic practices. There is also some evidence that sailors left Europe in small canoes, surviving the frozen ice floes of the Atlantic Ocean to arrive on the Eastern sea board of the Americas. These early people hunted, fished, grew crops and flourished as very diverse and distinct indigenous people that include Alaskans, New Mexicans, Hawaiians, and tribal people of both North and South America. They developed stone weapons, the bow and arrow, war clubs and spears. It is known that 7,000 years ago food supplies would have included squashes, pumpkins, watermelon and maize and by 800AD beans and corn were on the menu.

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Friday, 16 February 2018

What is Alchemy?

Alchemy is known as the 'royal art' and was the earliest form of chemistry which was considered to be extremely expensive, bestowed great power, therefore its process was kept very secret and was considered magical. Wealthy patrons were promised marvellous things in return for their patronage. We are told they were promised the ability to turn cheap metal into gold, and of an elixir which would give them eternal life. When I was young, I was fascinated by mediaeval alchemy. It was burdensome and secretive work over stills and furnaces, and involved strange sequences of mystical arts. It included a science project featuring possible serious illness and or death and dreadful explosions! How could any adventurous young girl not have her imagination stimulated? I visited the British Library to read ancient texts and I saw illustrations of extraordinary monsters, crowned kings, wolves, lepers, strange marriages, peacocks, the slaughter of children, dragons, and other wonderful and amazing matters. Could base metals ever be turned into pure gold? It is said in occult circles that Albertus Magnus in 1280, could change lead into gold but this, of course, is impossible, - though the British Museum has a medallion that belonged to the alchemist and magician John Dee that was said to have been created from alchemical gold. 

Working with metal has always been a highly secretive and skilful art. The ancient blacksmiths kept private their ability to make their most expensive items, their swords. The writer Idries Shah told a story about a Scotswoman who married an Afghan man, and through him was introduced to an alchemist named Aquil Khan, a Pathan who is purported to have produced a gold substance by using silver and a stone baked in clay over a fire. One wonders about the veracity of a 'I know someone, who knows someone' kind of story. 

It is likely electroplating is an ancient art and could be the origin of the fervour to turn base metal into gold. 

Metals have revolutionised life on Earth. Consider the beauty of gold, so rare, malleable, always bright and the colour of the sun, undegradable, it lasts forever and is ideal for personal adornment. Copper was discovered when malachite stone was heated. Copper was the first ever metal to be discovered. When tin was added to copper and smelted, bronze was created, far stronger for agricultural implements, tools and for war. Iron was discovered when iron ore was smelted and, when hammered, it becomes as hard as steel. When hea Dd sand could be turned into glass. When the colouring was used to create beauty on glass, it could last 1000 years. All these precious discoveries and creations were jealousy guarded. Each an alchemical recipe for power, wealth and prestige. 
This research on alchemical reactions was many years before I read the works of the psychologist, Carl Jung. He suggested that turning base metal into gold was about personal transformation. Base metal was a symbol for the lusts and greeds of humankind. To him, death was a dissolving of attitudes, ideas and complexes where self-questioning is placed in the fiery furnace to emerge as a new life in truth, peace and love. The pure gold that emerges after this long, arduous process, is a person of integrity, caring, and wise actions, as these are the final stages of Jung's ‘individuation’ process.

Tina Turner Peace Chant

Music Recommendation
 Buddhist Chant for peace with Tina Turner

Thursday, 15 February 2018

The City of Revelation! London by Chris Street

There have been several attempts to re-build London as ‘The New Jerusalem’. The first was by the Knights Templar who, in 1185, modelled their Temple Church in Holborn on the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem and sited the building exactly the same distance from St. Pauls Cathedral as the Holy Sepulchre is sited from the Dome of the Rock. Clearly they saw a connection, or wanted to create one.

Approx 500 years later, following the Great Fire of London, Sir Christopher Wren conceived his own plan to re-build London as the New Jerusalem, whilst his rival, John Evelyn, devised a design for the city based upon the cabbalistic tree of life.

In the 18th century, the visionary artist and poet, William Blake, saw Jerusalem within London’s spiritual dimensions and in the words that have become Britain’s second national anthem, exhorted us to “build Jerusalem on England’s green and pleasant land.”

More recently, my astonishing discovery also associates London with the New Jerusalem, the biblical City of Revelation. It is a vast and beautiful network of complex geometric patterns linking many of the oldest and well-known sacred sites throughout the capital. Because it is principally star patterns on the Earth, I have called it ‘Earthstars’. The design is not simple geometry but the basis of the temple-builders’ art which is sacred geometry, and provides a recognisable temple ground plan used throughout the centuries to create sacred space.

The Pantheon in Rome was a pagan temple converted to Christian use in the 5th century and is based upon this pattern, whilst Stonehenge, with its 3,500 years old ground plan, is the oldest temple in Britain also based upon this ground plan. Linked by the hidden unity of sacred geometry, London’s ancient sacred sites form a vast and invisible version of Stonehenge - a great landscape temple which covers most of the capital. Though this is not defined by circles of sarsens and bluestones as in Stonehenge, but by the stones of buildings, such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral and local parish churches (many of which have a known history dating back a thousand years or more, and which, like Stonehenge itself, were places of ceremony and sanctity for centuries before Christianity arrived on these druid shores).

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

FREE healing meditation

With gratitude. A beautiful FREE healing meditation on Youtube presented by the US musician, Heather Kropf. 15 minutes of personal enjoyment. Ensure you are not interrupted! Visit Heather Kropf's website:

Free Weight Loss Hypnosis

 This youtube video is free and will help you to lose weight and care for your health when used regularly. For salt, sugar and fats addictions. Make yourself comfortable, relax, avoid disturbances for 15 minutes. Written by Wendy Stokes and presented by Zoe Featherstone.