Thursday, 1 December 2016

How to Write a Card Deck Review

Whether a tarot or divination deck, a review is intended to enable a prospective purchaser to choose the best deck for their requirements. 

Some information is standard in all card reviews: 
the number of cards
whether they are alone or have textual information (and what is that information? If a book is included with the deck, a book review is required also)
the names of those who designed/created the deck - artwork and textual information and some background about them
whether it is a standard tarot deck or has anomalies, such as an unusual size or the cards placed in an unusual sequence or whether extra cards have been added?
a description of the card backs, whether they are reversible or irreversible
the publisher or author website
ISBN number

Describe the packet or box: Anything unusual or special about the deck. Provide information about the major arcana, the suits and court cards. 

As artwork is a personal choice, the reviewer should consider artwork from the perspective of a person who enjoys both artwork and also reading cards. The review is always positive but down to earth, honest and realistic.
Is the artwork contemporary or traditional, is it computer generated, mixed media, hand painted, etc? 

For a proper review of the deck, the reviewer should use the deck in the way it is intended, such as trying out a suggested spread and explaining the process. Certainly, even for a small review, one or two cards from the deck should be chosen and the artwork described and the concept explained. If possible, the reviewer should have worked with the deck on a number of occasions. Decks vary in their concepts, the depth of spiritual values, their ease of use, etc.  

Provide your own name, title and website. 
Info provided by Wendy Stokes

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