Sunday, 1 May 2016

Naming Ceremony for a Baby or Small Child

Outdoors: Items to bring: flowers, clooties, banners, table for glasses and drinks, cake, knife, serviettes, plates. Possible musician or music of choice.

Godparenting is an ancient tradition where adults (other than the child's parents) pledge, in the absence of the parents, to care for the child. 

All parties congregate for the naming ceremony.

To the parents: What name do you wish for your son/daughter to be called?
Reply: I name this child .... (find our if there is any history for the name)

To the Godparents: Do you pledge to care and love this child? Reply.

Call the name of the child: 

May your mind be clear and bright:
May your emotions be balanced and contented;
May your tongue speak truth and kindness:
May your arms and shoulders be strong - May your back and legs be strong:
May your hands be steady and patient:
May your feet carry you in freedom along the path of wisdom.

Photos: Child opens gifts while seated.

Photos: Toast: glasses (champaign, berry cordial, water, etc) and cake cutting.
  Songs or pieces of music chosen by parents. Suggestions - instrumental, such as Ludovico Einaudi; if outdoors - bird songs; and something for the children, such as Wailee Wailee by Dorothy Carter)

Ceremony created by Wendy Stokes (c)

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