Saturday, 10 September 2016

Spiritual Healing - 3 stories

People who seek spiritual healing do so for a wide variety of reasons, and they can receive many things as a result, not always expected and certainly, a cure cannot be suggested or expected. However, relief, understanding and acceptance are some of the ways in which the seeker can feel better as a result of receiving good attention, caring and stillness from the trained spiritual healer. Here are two case studies that demonstrate that a good response to healing is not dependent on belief in a deity or in the afterlife or even the belief that the healing will work. Two people new to spiritual healing, Gerry, a 42 year old self employed carpenter and Joyce, a 62 year old retired business consultant describe their first experience of spiritual healing.

Spiritual healing is usually conducted by a fully clothed healer and recipient and often the healer will not touch the recipient, or if they do, usually it will be very light touch on the shoulder areas only. The spiritual healer is a medium, receiving and channelling universal energy and caring love usually non verbally, to the recipient over the course of 15 to 30 minutes, sometimes more. Healing can also be sent while the recipient is not in attendance. Called ‘absent’ healing or ‘distant’ healing, this can also be powerfully regenerating. Usually permission is asked before absent healing is sent to a recipient, if the recipient cannot give permission, such as a baby, comatose patient, animal, etc., permission is assumed and healing sent ‘for the highest good’.