Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Getting to Know the Goddess Course 3.1

The Goddess-Pages Online Course: I had not viewed the name Inanna as being related to the name 'nanny' but I am thinking it could also be related to the name Anna, which is reputed to be the name of the mother of Mary, grandmother of Jesus. Anne was my mother's name and it is scary how her character was very like Inanna. I am in my later years, so I have time to spare and share with others what I have built up over my life. I have worked hard to gain wisdom and wealth. I have an autoimmune illness, Giant Cell Arteritis, and Polymyalgia Rheumatica, which develop over the age of 50, most often in women. It is noticeable how this illness is ignored by professionals, and not much is known about it. Far more studies could be conducted. I think many could have this illness, undiagnosed. As women growing older, we are unseen. Men I think are far less attractive, but women are expected to always be attractive, be a capitalist and materialistic. It is a controlling society that expects women to always be an entertainment, always looking pretty, and not allow them to get old, or be unwell or disabled. 

I think of myself as being a survivor. I celebrate each morning that I am alive. I am grateful for each day. I have nothing to prove. I am myself. Getting older is very freeing when viewed in this way. 

The Sheelnagig is a symbol of life force. I was told that the Scots, when they went into battle would raise their kilts above their head to expose their private parts and shock the enemy. I think the Sheelnagig is similar, but also it is holy, so why not allow it to be a church decoration! 

Ceridwen, Kali, Babd, Callaich, Macha, Morrigan, Hekate, all crone goddesses. It is hard for me to think of Artemis as a crone. I think of her as a maiden.  I like the thought of frogs and toads croaking and saying the name of Hekate and find it interesting that she may have helped Demeter find Persephone. Yes, I can see how this would be! I must consider this connection, Artemis and Hekate!

Hekate has her dog symbol and her post which would be interesting at the crossroads but I have another association, of the scaffold, the post, which was often placed on a hill, within sight often of the magistrates court, and the church too. The dead would often be left hanging, tarred perhaps, or buried in the ground where they were hanged.
Many of these ancient sites are not built on, and are often used as dog sanctuaries. The pillar, the dogs and death! As Guardian of Gates and Doorways, like Janus, her faces are so animated and have such capacity to speak and give wisdom. 

There is so much wisdom within the meditative journey. I am moved by my vision. I see the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and Justice, Ma'at, weighing the soul against a feather. The soul must be lighter - will mine be heavier and will I be devoured by the monster! No! I am light and the God, Anubis, the Messenger, the Psychopomp, has taken my soul to heaven. My wonderful Anubis, rescued from the RSPCA on Galley Hill - which was once known as Gallows Hill. He will be there to guide me one day, acting like Hekate, at the Crossroads of life. I will speak with her and hope, like Artemis, her aim is good and her arrow fast when my time comes to leave this life! I can see him coming now, his tail wagging, his big ears back! I can't wait! My heart aches for this moment!
This Getting to Know the Goddess course covers many aspects of goddess spirituality, with recommended reading, insights, images, meditations and much more.

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