Sunday, 17 June 2018

Spiritual Power

The dawning of the Age of Aquarius filled many people with great enthusiasm and hope. The old patriarchal religions were seen as outmoded and having no answers to the problems of the modern world. During the latter part of the twentieth century, we heard from specialists in Eastern philosophies, Native American ways of knowledge, how to ‘be here now’, revelations from mystery and secret societies, sadly, all to no avail for true spiritual seekers! We have heard about and read ‘the Secret’, sought abundance, thought positive, fluffed up our self- confidence, felt the fear and done it anyway, we spent money we didn’t have due to the Law of Attraction, and where has all this lead us? I have spoken to many people who were convinced of New Age promises, but now they have lost their mortgages, their jobs are in danger, their pensions diminished, they are left peeved and disillusioned that they were misled.

Numerous philosophies promised to change our world and failed. What do the great gurus of our day offer? Do they give us platitudes, promises and fantasy in return for our hard cash? Can their messages and promises really change our lives for the better? Do they address the important issues of war escalation, climate change, pollution of our seas, land and air, fuel shortages, civil unrest, overpopulation, species extinction, how the rich exploit the poor and other major problems that will certainly afflict our children’s children and perhaps affect us in later life?

Now accountability, transparency and responsibility are challenged and we want no more gurus with feet of clay, telling us what we want to hear! This time, angels and ascended masters who have been waiting patiently in the spirit realms for thousands of years will be contacted by channelling mediums to tell us what we really don’t want to hear - because what we need to hear will be painful!
Channelling is an immensely ancient ability that was imperative to many early civilisations and is still used by some. It involves speaking to Spirit often with questions and waiting quietly to hear their answering voice. However, there are many types of spirit, from different realms, including negative and destructive ones, so it is important to contact a spirit that has something constructive to impart. In ancient times, due to the need to identify and avoid low level spirits, the personality of the deity and its value system became defined, such as whether the Godhead was kind, peaceful and generous, or whimsical, mean and punishing.

All the ancient prophets, sibyls and seers channelled messages from the spirit world. On a visit to Mount Sinai/Horeb, Moses channelled the 10 Commandments which saw the Jewish people through the forty years they spent in the desert seeking the Promised Land. Socrates heard the voice of his ‘daemon’ or guardian spirit who warned him of approaching danger.

Astrologers and forward thinking mediums are concerned about wars, energy crises, civil unrest, pollution and other upheavals and want to contact elevated spirits who have, like the prophets of old, direct instruction, warning and advice to impart. Women are just as able as men, and quite likely more able due to their greater interest in spiritual matters, to channel wisdom, understanding, peace, truth and justice from higher beings in the non-physical world. Women are the greatest supporters of the spiritual movements across the world but are rarely paid for their spiritual work, and if they are, they are not paid as much as the men who preach spiritual messages.
Watkins Books provides the top ranking exponents of spirituality in what is called the ‘Top 100 Spiritual Power List’. This features Eckhart Tolle at number one and Oprah Winfrey at number eight. There are only three women in the top ten and only twenty two in the top one hundred. This says something about how men retain authority to influence the world on a spiritual level even today.
Though many channellers work alone, trance mediumship is something that is best conducted in a group setting. ‘The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups’ by Wendy Stokes is the only book that explains how to form a circle to receive profound messages from the spirit realms. This is a not-for-profit book. A spirit supported the author whilst writing her book and informed her about the creation of our astounding universe, the miracle of life from innate chemical substances and the immense intelligence of the natural world that maintains the delicate balance of our planet. In the light of this, she has decided to donate her royalties to an international charity that protects endangered species from extinction, the Durrrell Wildlife Conservation Trust that protects endangered species from extinction. For those who have purchased the book, the author wishes to support the groups by helping to publish their channelled messages in a newsletter, blog, website or ebook.  
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